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Soča Trail: Soča Source - Trenta Lodge

The upper part of the Soča Trail starts at the Koča pri Izviru Soče (Hut by the Source of the Soča) and ends at Na Logu in Trenta with a visit to the TNP Information Centre.
From the hut, there is only a short walk to the source of the Soča. The Soča Trail, however, starts just below the hut at the first information board which presents the course of the trail and marks the locations of other information points. This part of the trail contains seven information points informing the visitor about the history, cultural and technical heritage of the valley, natural attractions with their typical animal and plant species and geologic features and forestry. 

The trail runs from the source of the Soča just above the river and then turns onto the Vršič – Trenta road. At the first curve, there is the monument to Dr Julius Kugy. It is located at a highly picturesque site offering splendid views towards Zadnja Trenta and Jalovec, the Trenta valley and the mountain ridges which surround it. The farm below the monument, called the Turer farm, is an outstanding example of the valley's architectural heritage. The trail descends towards the Mlinarica Gorge, then continues along the road to the first bridge, suddenly moving to the right bank of the Soča and proceeding until the Church of Our Lady of Loretto. Cross the footbridge to get to the church, or go 200 metres back along the main road to visit Alpinum Juliana, the only Slovenian Alpine botanical garden, arranged in 1926.

Walk along the right bank of the river above the camping site, where the path rises slightly until you reach the next footbridge. On the other bank of the river, you can see a reconstructed timber chute (riža) and a Venetian saw, both important elements of the technical heritage of the Trenta valley. In only 5 minutes, you come to the centre of the Trenta village, called Na Logu. »Dom Trenta«, the TNP Information Centre, houses an attractive presentation of the Triglav National Park and the Trenta Museum displaying the cultural heritage of the valley and a reconstruction of life on pastures and diary farming in the area.

Access: by car to the car park at the Hut by the Source of the Soča, by bus to the turn-off for the Source of the Soča. As the Soča Trail is not a circular route, use of bus is recommended, but note that in that case, visit to the source of the river takes additional 30 minutes of walking. Cars can be left at the car park in front of the TNP Information Centre, 50 metres away from the bus station. 

Estimated time: 2.30h for this part of the Soča Trail (visit to the TNP Information Centre and Alpinum Juliana not included).

Guided tours: In July and August, the Soča Trail Tour starts at 9.00am every Thursday. Meeting point: Hut by the Source of the Soča. Free-of-charge transport to the starting point is organised. Price: SIT 2.460,00 for adults, discounts for children and students. The price includes entrance to the TNP Information Centre.

Turer farm.

Venetian saw.

Church of Our Lady of Loretto.

Points of interest

Source of the Soča, known as one of the most beautiful karst springs in the Julian Alps. Take the path past the Koča pri izviru Soče (Hut by the Source of the Soča).
Access: Turn off the Trenta – Vršič road at curve number 49. If you are coming by car, you can drive all the way to the hut.
Estimated time: 15 minutes of walking from the hut to the source. Comfortable hiking shoes and some caution in the upper part of the path, secured with pitons and steel ropes, are recommended. However, small children and the elderly are not advised to take this part of the path.

Church of Our Lady of Loretto was commissioned by Count Herman Attems, owner of Trenta mines, in 1690. At the beginning of the 20th century, the church was reconstructed and it is now decorated with frescoes made by a renowned Slovenian painter Tone Kralj in 1945.
Access: by the main road Vršič – Trenta, 2km from the TNP Information Centre

Alpinum Juliana, the first botanical garden in Slovenia, was arranged in 1926 by Albert Bois de Chesne from Trieste. The garden houses about 600 different plant species.
Access: 200m from the Church of Our Lady of Loretto, in the slope of Kukla above the road on the right.

Just above the path between the church and the Trenta Campsite, there is a climbing area called Pri Pavru

The TNP Information Centre houses a rich presentation of natural features of the only national park in Slovenia as well as rich ethnological heritage of the Trenta valley. Dom Trenta also organises numerous occasional exhibitions. A special attraction of the museum is a video installation by Andrej Zdravič titled Secrets of Soča – Time Horizon
Access: in the centre of the Trenta village, Na Logu, turn right into the car park in front of the Information Centre.

In the walls of Zadnjiški Ozebnik, towering behind the Information Centre, you will find several longer routes, protected according to the standards of sports climbing (bolts), with a short access and a fast descent by abseil.

Soča river source.

Triglav National Park Information Centre.

Juliana houses about 600 different plant species.

Food and accommodation

The Trenta Camspite, located mid-way between the church and the Information Centre, provides tourists with food and drinks and accommodation in tourist rooms. The campsite offers all the facilities required for caravan parks, that is water supply, electricity, and waste water and chemical disposal points.

At Na Logu you can rent private accommodation (rooms and apartments) from Zorč, Zvonko Kravanja and Slavka Hosner, or self-catering apartments in the TNP Information Centre. Workshops and conferences can be held in the conference room of the TNP Information Centre.

Look for Erna shop at Na Logu, by the main road, in front of the TNP Information Centre.  

Kamba Snack Bar near the Information Centre is open in the summer season.

Gostilna Metoja, 500m from the TNP Information Centre towards Bovec, offers food and drinks and apartment rental.

Apartments and tourist rooms can also be rented at the Pri Plajerju farm (specializing in organic farming), Triglav Campsite and Mija apartment house.