Bovec region


Activities in Bovec region


Between mountains and emerald waters lies a land in which everyone can find their favorite things. Those seeking different kind of home, families on outings, and world travelers in love with nature are always discovering places here with their own Alpine and Adriatic cultures, a region that is so close and at the same time so far. The largest expanses of bare open rock and deepest gravel-bed basins of Slovenia`s Julian Alps are for many the most attractive destination for a time-out in Central Europe. Mighty peaks, sheep and goat pastures criss-crossed with trails, and enchanting streams, river and waterfalls weave together an abundance of pleasure to be experiences in both winter and summer.


Rafting and canyoning


Rafting – a downstream trip in a rugged, inflatable rubber boat with a group of people – is a very attractive way of experiencing the river's nature. Participants do not need any prior paddling skills; in a few minutes they get accustomed to the role of a well coordinated paddling team that rushes across rapids and dark-green pools, passes huge boulders and joyfully and playfully arrives to the finish in Trnovo ob Soči. The memorable adventure is followed by an obligatory bath in a Soča pool.


Canyoning is yet another way of experiencing nature in an extreme way: a tour through an untouched chasm offering no view to the outside world; across waterfalls and through pools that fascinate with their crystal-clear water; swimming in limestone baths; and mostly just enjoying the peacefulness offered already at the entrance to this hidden world.


Skiing and sledding


Kanin is the only ski resort in Slovenia that can boast slopes higher than 2000 metres. Kanin is an Alpine ski resort, where the skiing season runs from December through the beginning of May. The Kanin ski area is recognised for its sunny location and a breathtaking view that stretches from the heart of the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea.


It does not attract tourists only in the winter, you can ascend it in the summer as well. Some people climb it, others use the Cable Car. Ascending the 2000-m-high mountain, where you can walk a trail, hike, visit a mountain lodge, or simply enjoy the beauty of the mountains, is incredibly easy with the cable car.


Sledding is the kind of sport that takes us back to our childhoods. In the dark, illuminated by torches and headlamps, under the bright stars in the sky above the Julian Alps, sleds are rushing through the tranquil winter night. Sledding courses down the Mangrt Road, as well as Možnica, the Javoršček Road and the road from Lepoč Pasture satisfy sledders of all tastes. Treat yourself to the joys and happiness of childhood and share this fun and pleasant experience with your children!


Biking and trekking


Numerous biking trails, which as a rule lead across the most beautiful spots of the Bovec area, offer pleasant experiences to both recreational and mountain bikers. Recreational bikers will be carried away by easy, joyfully organized trails with minor elevation changes, while the more experienced will be fascinated by the diverse terrain - trails leading through shady forests and nearby rivers and streams. However, all of them will carry home memories of biking along the foothills of the Bovec two-thousanders. The Kanin mountain biking park is a true gem for people that enjoy mountain biking.


The Bovec area is a paradise for walking trails. Many trails around Bovec, Srpenica, Log pod Mangrtom, Soča and Trenta that are marked and secured, offer unlimited pleasures of watching the streams and waterfalls or marvelling at the stillness of the alpine forest and numerous flowers and animals living in this, as many believe, most beautiful part of the Julian Alps. One of the most beautiful, constantly maintained trails is the Soča trail that starts at the source of the Soča river and winds all the way to Kal-Koritnica, near Bovec.


People who enjoy walking trails will find their own fairy-tale land in the Bovec area. Over millions of years, nature has shaped a very diverse relief in the Bovec area; here you can find beautiful mountains, alpine basins and valleys alpine meadows and slopes that will fascinate you with their indigenousness and wilderness.


The Soča front


Military cemeteries, monuments and memorials will remind you of semi-historic times. The ruins of fortresses and bunkers, well preserved “mulatiers” - military cargo paths, caverns, trenches and parts of the front are a reminder that something like that should never happen again. The Soča front is a magnet for collectors and history enthusiasts from everywhere and is presented in museums and private collections.


You can choose to visit various private museum collections; we would highly recommend the Kluže fortress. If you announce your visit by the “1313” association, its members will take you back to the time of World War I with their show. The Kluže fortress is a magnificent building on a strategic location. It has its own information centre and an exhibition room, and it hosts numerous events.




You can taste the distinctive cuisine of Bovško (the Bovec area) at many inns and restaurants in Bovec and its vicinity. The food is prepared according to the local culinary tradition and includes specialties of the Bovec area (like buški krafi), cheese and curd specialty snacks, Soča trout, lamb, venison and much more.


The most well-known food specialty of the Bovec area is sheep cheese, which has a very long and rich tradition. It is made from raw milk, therefore the typical qualities of milk are preserved. Zgornje Posočje is an alpine valley where Mediterranean influence can be strongly felt, especially in the climate conditions and a great diversity of plant species. The gifts of nature and mild technology are the characteristics that give the cheese its originality.