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Soča Trail

The Soča Trail (1, 2, 3, 4) is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source to Bovec. The Soča Trail connects the old Trenta paths and peaceful sections of the valley, leading visitors away from the road and noise. Resembling an emerald green thread, the river Soča strings natural sights and cultural monuments like beads on a marvellous necklase. Picturesque footbridges crossing the river add an element of adventure to the otherwise peaceful walk.

The trail, which measures 20 km in length, runs from the source of the Soča river down the valley of Trenta and Soča to the hamlet Kršovec at the border of the national park, and continues from there as the Bovec Walking Trail. The visit to the Soča Trail can be tailored to the available time and desired purpose of the visitors who can only take a look at those sections of the trail, which they consider most interesting.

The trail is marked with Triglav National Park information posts, and with information boards set up at several information points along the trail.

Guided tours can be arranged with the Triglav National Park Information Centre.
Excursion is easy; you need good trekking shoes only and protection against rain and wind.

Meeting point: at 9.00 am at the Soča Source Lodge.
The trail route: the Soča Source, the Dr.Kugy monument, the Mlinarica Gorge, the Trenta church  of Marija Lavretanska, the Information Centre of the Triglav National Park Na Logu in the Trenta village.

We organise guided tours every Thursday in July and August, for groups booking in advance whenever (at least 5 people).

Additional information: the Triglav National Park Information Centre
Phone: + 386 (0) 5 38 89 330

The trail is marked with Triglav National Park information posts

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