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Kriški podi

Kriški podi is the high-mountain plateau rising above the valley of Trenta, amidst the slopes of Pihavec, Bovški Gamsovec, Stenar, Križ and Razor. These peaks form a part of the typical panorama from the Trenta valley, dominated by the mountain hut Pogačnikov dom on Kriški podi (2050m), which is located at the very edge of the plateau. A wonderful view of the Trenta valley opens up from in front of the hut.

The tour starts in the valley of Zadnjica and ranks among the most beautiful mountain trails in the area, as it runs through picturesque landscape, forests in the first part giving way to rocks at the end of the path just before you reach the plateau.

The karstified terrain of Kriški podi boasts three lakes. As soon as the slope eases, you will notice several narrow paths winding towards the right. After several minutes of walking, the largest lake, Spodnje Kriško jezero (Lower Križ Lake) is in sight. The other two lakes are perched above the hut. Located at 2154m, Gornje Kriško jezero (Upper Križ Lake) is the highest-lying lake in Slovenia.
Kriški podi is the starting point for mountain tours to the nearby summits.

An extremely interesting, yet demanding circular tour runs from Kriški podi to Bavški Gamsovec and along a narrow path, carved into its steep grassy slope, dropping relentlessly to the valley of Vrata. The trail is demanding and secured with wire ropes and pitons. Then it descends towards Luknja, opening up a magnificent view of the valley of Vrata and the Triglav North Face. In this part of the tour, one can admire herds of chamois and ibexes, not the least shy, sometimes venturing so close to human beings that they could almost be touched. Throughout the summer months, the slope abounds in alpine flowers.
A wide path winds back from Luknja towards the Zadnjica valley, bringing you back to the starting point of the tour.

Access: Turn off the Trenta – Vršič road at curve number 50 into the Zadnjica valley. From the marked car park, follow the narrow gravel road on your left, taking you to freight cableway station. The path runs right past the station.

Estimated time: 3.30h of walking to Pogačnikov dom on Kriški podi.
Height difference: 1400 metres. 7-8h of walking to Pogačnikov dom (circular route over the Luknja pass).


The highest-lying lake in Slovenia.

The slope abounds in alpine flowers.

One can admire ibexes.

Food and accommodation

Pogačnikov dom on Kriški podi is open in the summer season and offers food and drinks and accommodation in private rooms and dormitory rooms.

The Trenta Campite, located mid-way between the church and the Information Centre, provides tourists with food and drinks and accommodation in tourist rooms. The campsite offers all the facilities required for caravan parks, that is water supply, electricity, and waste water and chemical disposal points.

At Na Logu you can rent private accommodation (rooms and apartments) from Zorč, Zvonko Kravanja and Slavka Hosner, or self-catering apartments in the TNP Information Centre. Workshops and conferences can be held in the conference room of the TNP Information Centre.

Look for Erna shop at Na Logu, by the main road, in front of the TNP Information Centre. 

Kamba Snack Bar near the Information Centre is open in the summer season.

GostIilna Metoja, 500m from the TNP Information Centre towards Bovec, offers food and drinks and apartment rental.

Apartments and tourist rooms can also be rented at the Pri Plajerju farm (specializing in organic farming), Triglav Campsite and Mija apartment house