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The abandoned village of Lemovje is only 45 minutes of walking away from Soča by the mountain path towards Bavški Grintavec. The village has no permanent inhabitants but it is nevertheless worth a visit, mainly thanks to its picturesque setting on the slope of Grintavec. Abandoned farms are built in the typical local architectural style, and abandoned meadows are surrounded with stone walls called miri, which have become quite rare in the valley.

The path rises steeply above the valley and the village of Soča. It passes through a beech forest before it comes to the village. You are reminded of the vicinity of the village by a stone wall with a passage in it, and a magnificent view of Bavški Grintavec. Shortly, you will see the village houses and enjoy an adorable view of Vrsnik with its surrounding peaks on the other side.

The slope above the village is overgrown with a very old beech forest which the local inhabitants have tended because it protected the farms from snow avalanches. Today, the forest is protected as the Lemovje Forest Reserve.

Access: Park your car in Soča, by the road below the primary school (large, recently renovated building on a hill on the right side of the road). Several metres back along the road is a small chapel, and next to it there is a sign for the mountain path to Bavški Grintavec. Follow the path and look out for the righthand fork, just a few metres from the main road.

The tour can be made into a circular route, using the hunting trail from Lemovje towards the small troughs of the Soča river. You can turn onto this path by going right across the meadow at the first house in Lemovje. In the middle of the meadow, just before the stone wall surrounding the forest, turn downwards and you will come to the hunting trail at the beginning of the forest. The path across meadows is party visible and not difficult to follow in the summer months. When you reach the main road in the valley, you need another 10 minutes to get back to the starting point.

Estimated time: the walk to Lemovje takes 45 minutes. The path is steep, walking shoes are recommended.

Typical local architectural style.

The path rises above the village of Soča.

Points of interest

At Jelinčič Tourist Farm you can taste and buy quality home made food and take a look at the farm dairy.

100-metre-long and 6-metre-deep Small Troughs of the Soča (Mala korita Soče) can be viewed from the bridge just below the Jelinčič Tourist Farm.

Church of St Joseph in the village of Soča

Military Cemetery in the village of Soča

Big Troughs of the Soča

The Lepena valley is a starting point for mountain tours to the area of Krnska jezera (Lake Krn) and the hut Dom dr. Klementa Juga at the end of the valley.

Small troughs of the Soča.

Food and accommodation

The Jelinčič Tourist Farm offers local food, home-made sheep cheese, accommodation in rooms and a tour of the farm dairy.

The Korita Campsite is located in the immediate vicinity of the Jelinčič Farm.

In the village of Soča, about 200m from the church, the Pri Andrejcu restaurant is located, providing guests with food and drinks and nice accommodation in rooms.

In the village of Soča, the following accommodation facilities can be rented: private rooms (Pretner, Likar), and rooms and apartments (Mitja Cuder).

Pristava Lepena, a charming holiday village, stands at the beginning of the Lepena valley. In addition to restaurant and accommodation in rooms and apartments, Pristava Lepena offers a number of attractive additional services: organisation of workshops and conferences, sauna, horse riding, fitness, tennis, archery.

Further in the valley, there is a friendly Penzion Kamp Klin which offers typical local dishes and accommodation in rooms and in the campsite located at the confluence of the Soča and Lepenca rivers. Kamp Klin also sells fishing permits.

In the heart of the valley, on a hill rising above the right bank of the Lepenca, apartments (Jožica Pretner) and rooms (Jože Hosner) can be rented.

Dom dr. Klementa Juga at the end of Lepena is open in the summer season and offers food and drinks and accommodation in private rooms and dormitory rooms.

The Soča Campsite is located above the Soča river, 500m from the turn-off for the Lepena valley from the Bovec – Vršič road.

On the other side of the road, apartments can be rented at Apartmaji Ada or at Apartmaji Jožica Komac further down the road towards Bovec.