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Soča Trail: from Lepena to Kršovec

From the confluence of the Lepenca and Soča rivers, the Soča Trail continues along the valley to Kršovec where it joins the Bovec Walking Trail. The path starts at the Klin Campsite. Cross the bridge over the Lepenca just before the stream meets the Soča. In this part the Soča calms down and widens, its bed extending into wide stretches of pebble. The trail runs past the confluence of the two rivers, where an information board with data on the Marble Trout is put up, and across meadows from which numerous tiny fishermen's paths wind rightwards to the river from the meadows nearby. After about 30 minutes of walking, there is a footbridge under military bunkers, which takes the trail to the right bank of the Soča.

The Soča, fortified by the Lepenca, forms deep, turquoise pools which are a true challenge to fly-fishers. The trail proceeds between the road and the Soča river, although the presence of the road is barely noticeable. 

Access: by car to Penzion Kamp Klin or to the car park on the right side of the road to Lepena. As the trail is not circular, use of bus is recommended.

Estimated time: 1.30h for this part of the Soča Trail.

Autumn in Lepena valley.

Lepenca river.

Points of interest

The Big Troughs of the Soča are located at the beginning of the Lepena valley. From the car park on the right side of the road to Lepena, a 5-minute walk back towards the Vršič – Bovec road.

Military bunkers above the Soča; the path runs just above the footbridge to the right bank of the Soča.

Marble trout.

Food and accommodation

Pristava Lepena, a charming holiday village, stands at the beginning of the Lepena valley. In addition to restaurant and accommodation in rooms and apartments, Pristava Lepena offers a number of attractive additional services: organisation of workshops and conferences, sauna, horse riding, fitness, tennis, archery.

Further in the valley, there is a friendly Penzion Kamp Klin which offers typical local dishes and accommodation in rooms and in the campsite located at the confluence of the Soča and Lepenca rivers. Kamp Klin also sells fishing permits.

In the heart of the valley, on a hill rising above the right bank of the Lepenca, apartments (Jožica Pretner) and rooms (Jože Hosner) can be rented.

Dom dr. Klementa Juga at the end of Lepena is open in the summer season and offers food and drinks and accommodation in private rooms and dormitory rooms.

The Soča Campsite is located above the Soča river, 500m from the turn-off for the Lepena valley from the Bovec – Vršič road.

On the other side of the road, apartments can be rented at Apartmaji Ada or at Apartmaji Jožica Komac further down the road towards Bovec.