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Zadnja Trenta / Zapotok Alp

The valley of Zadnja Trenta extends westwards from the source of the Soča. The pyramid of Jalovec towers above the beginning of the valley on the right side. Laterally, Zadnja Trenta is walled in by mountain ridges which meet in the massive mountain of Bavški Grintavec dominating the valley head. The Zapotok alp (abandoned since 1970) with an old wooden hut that offers simple shelter to hikers and trekkers is located in the oval basin below Grintavec. The right, gently sloping side of the valley is overgrown with beech and larch forests. On the left side, the mountain ridge descends steeply towards the valley floor, giving the landscape an air of untamed wilderness. The valley floor is cut in two by the riverbed of the Suhi potok (Dry Stream), which certainly deserves its name. The stream gathers waters from below Grintavec but disappears from the surface soon after it flows into the valley. At the head of the valley, below the Zapotok alp, the Suhi potok forms three Zapotok Falls.

Zadnja Trenta was the first settled part of the valley. The first settlers were drawn to the valley by mining and iron industry, and there were some mines above Zadnja Trenta, in the area called Srednjice. After the mines were closed, the inhabitants took up alpine dairy farming, putting up sheds and opening alps for sheep and goats.

The pyramid of Jalovec towers above the valley.

Bavški Grintavec dominating the valley head.

Points of interest

Source of the Soča, known as one of the most beautiful karst springs in the Julian Alps. Take the path past the Koča pri izviru Soče (Hut by the Source of the Soča).

Access: Turn off the Trenta – Vršič road at curve number 49. If you are coming by car, you can drive all the way to the hut.
Estimated time: 15 minutes of walking from the hut to the source. Comfortable hiking shoes and some caution in the upper part of the path, secured with pitons and steel ropes, are recommended. However, small children and the elderly are not advised to take this part of the path.

Zapotok Falls at the end of the valley. Walk up to the first of the three Zapotok Falls along the riverbed. The path to the other two waterfalls runs through the forest on the other side of the stream. Cross the stream at the point where it meets the path along the valley. The path winds past the troughs which the stream makes on its way from one waterfall to the other.

Access: From Koča pri Izviru Soče (Hut by the Source of the Soča) continue along the gravel road to a small car park.
Estimated time: 30 minutes of easy walking from the car park to the waterfalls. If you leave your car at the source of the Soča, the walk takes 30 minutes longer.

For the Zapotok alp, take the path which forks off at the end of the valley. The turn-off is marked with signs. The path to the alp is steep, and in part secured with pitons and steel ropes.

Access: the same as for the Zapotok Falls.
Estimated time: a good hour from the car park to the alp

Zapotok Falls at the end of the valley.

Food and accommodation

Koča pri Izviru Soče is open in the summer season and offers food and drinks and accommodation in private rooms and dormitory rooms.

In the close vicinity of the source of the Soča, there is an old-time farm, now adapted as an inn, called Kekčeva domačija. The farm offers food and drinks, accommodation in tourist apartments as well as organisation of diverse workshops.