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The Trenta valley, with its extraordinarily diverse fauna and flora, rich cultural heritage and picturesque villages, forests, rivers, lakes, falls, valleys, mountain pastures and highlands, offers abundant opportunities for trekking.

Less demanding hikes along the Zadnjica, Zadnja Trenta, Lepena valleys, or the Lemovje, Vrsnik or Soča trail (1, 2, 3, 4) provide a chance to discover the area’s cultural heritage as well as isolated and hidden corners of unspoiled nature.

More demanding are the mid-range mountain tours through the Berebica, Zapotok, Trebiščina, and the restructured Za Skalo alpine pastures that offer the trekker the opportunity to explore the ethnology of pasture life.

A longer trail leads to Krnsko lake and Duplje alpine meadow.
In addition to Krnsko lake, theKriška lakes on the karst plateau of Kriški podi are also accessible from the Trenta valley. A longer tour will bring you to the Seven Lakes region, one of the most beautiful areas in Triglav National Park, and the first to attain protected status within the park.

Numerous surrounding mountain peaks can be reached by secure mountain trails of varying degrees of difficulty.